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Getting to Know You…All About You

"Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You...". The song is a two-way process – for someone to know more about his friend and neighbor and for the neighbor to know more about the speaker. Last Saturday, 30 June 2018, the Presentation of the Child Jesus Parish launched its “Misa Tungo sa Kapihan [...]

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For Many are Called; But Few are Chosen

This year's Presentation of the Child Jesus Ministry Recruitment Fair was a success! Launched on April 22nd, ministries which needed new members and parishioners looking for opportunities to serve the Lord through the parish participated in the month long recruitment period. Each Sunday during the recruitment period,  PCJ ministries set up booths as early as  [...]

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HOLI Holds Third Prayer Conference

It was a day of learning and prayer when the heart of the Lamb Intercessors held its third prayer conference last June 17, 2017, Saturday, at the Presentation of the Child Jesus Parish. With the theme “Communion in the Heart of the Lamb,” some 250 members and guests attended the conference including a contingent of [...]

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Sound of Silence: 2017 PCJ Silent Retreat

March 25, 2017 - I was given the task to handle PCJ’s 2017 PCJ Servants’ Retreat. But to ensure their silence for 2 days? Ugh! 2 minutes maybe, but for 2 days, seriously? PCJ servants had their 2-day Silent Retreat in one of the blissful retreat houses I have been to – the Sacred Heart [...]

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The Sunday Class Education Ministry (SCEM)

Sunday Mass is a family bonding tradition for most Filipinos. Parents are happy to bring along their children to hear Mass. Nonetheless, toddlers and preschool-age children are not yet able to comprehend the rituals of the Mass, moreover the Word of the Lord or gospel. Hence, the Sunday Class Educational Ministry was created as an [...]

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