BIOMETRICS AND DEACTIVATED VOTERS HELPDESK: As part of its effort to cleanse the list of voters, the COMELEC launched a campaign to encourage voters to register again in case they have no Biometrics or have been deactivated from the list of active voters for failure to vote for two (2) consecutive national elections. The deadline for this campaign was set by the COMELEC on October 31, 2015 without extension.

To facilitate the campaign, the COMELEC prepared computerized lists of voters with no biometric information (i.e. voters who have no pictures, fingerprints, or signatures in their profiles) and those whose names have been delisted from the list of active voters.

To assist in the campaign, the PPCRV-PCJ prepared tarpaulins announcing to voters that if they wanted to verify whether or not they have biometrics or whether they are still included in the list of active voters, they may visit the PPCRV stations in front of the parish after each Sunday mass, leave their names and contact numbers and the PPCRV volunteers will do the rest. The announcement for the campaign was made in all Masses. The results of the verification were transmitted to the voters through text/SMS messages.

The campaign began on the first week of October 2015 and ended on the last Sunday of the same month. A good number of parishioners/voters availed of this free service. The next project of the PPCRV is to invite Ms. Winnie “Kumareng Winnie” to speak on the Philippine economic situation in so far as it it is relevant to the upcoming polls in 2016.



-Bobby del Castillo, PPCRV-PCJ Coordinator