To bring together the different Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs) within its borders, the Presentation of the Child Jesus (PCJ) Parish held its very first BEC General Assembly last September 19, 2015.

The assembly began with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist at 6:45 a.m., followed by a simple breakfast and fellowship.  It was a morning of praise and worship through singing and dancing. Attendees also reflected on the Word of God and bore witness to their faith.

Bro. Jun Ymson from the Couples for Christ (CFC), the main speaker, talked about the Taming of the Tongue.  Bro. Jun explained the power of the tongue to build or destroy relationships. He identified the different ways in which people use their tongues in a negative way — for example, through gossip, slander, and negative humor – and how they can counter it so we we can use it positively.

After the talk, the participants were given small paper cutouts of tongues on which  they wrote how they intend to use their tongues in a positive way in order to build relationships.

With the activity completed, Sis. Beth Cullado, who belongs to the BEC St. Paul Cluster, took her turn on the podium. Sis. Beth shared her journey from being a Protestant to a devout Catholic who has held on to her faith in the midst of the trials she faced: her bout with ovarian cancer and the successive deaths of her husband and son.

The first general assembly  was followed by two more. The gathering on October 25 focused on the theme Christian Relationship: Love of Neighbor, while the latest one, held last November 28 had Thanksgiving as its theme.

Everyone, including non-BEC members, are invited to attend the monthly BEC General assembly every 4th Saturday of the month so that they can feel and witness first hand the fruits of BEC – just like what Tertullian (ca. 160-220), a North African apologiest and theologian, mentioned of what was being said of the early Christians – “Look . . .  how they love one another”.


-Lorna Buenviaje

Lorna Buenviaje
PPC Head Servant