The Legionaries of Mary, all dressed in white, convened on December 8, 2015,  at the PCJ Plaza fronting Aguirre Avenue for the blessing and enshrinement of Our Lady of Candelaria, the patron saint of the Presentation of the Child Jesus Parish (PCJ).   The day was doubly significant as it also commemorates the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception.

2016 OLC Shrine Blessing - 004

The life-size statue of Our Lady of Candelaria is a beautifully sculpted stone image, which stands majestically at the new garden site in front of the Adoration Chapel, along F. Cruz Street.  Green garden plants and a stone-layered water fountain serve as an enhancing background for the Shrine.

Rev. Fr. Rodel Paulino, Parish Priest of PCJ,   blessed the Shrine, assisted by Msgr. Felipe Ocol and Rev. Fr. Ernie Sican.  The blessing was followed by a candle lighting ceremony led by Fr. Rodel.  The Legionaries, holding white candles, followed in line to light their own candles.  Other parishioners were also present and followed the line to light their candles.  It was almost sunset, so the atmosphere was that of peace and tranquility.

2016 OLC Shrine Blessing - 002

Together with the image of Our Lady of Candelaria, the Vision/Mission of PCJ Parish and the Prayer before Lighting A Candle, both of which fittingly formed the wall of one side of the Shrine, were part of the enshrinement.

The Prayer before Lighting a Candle goes:

2016 OLC Shrine Blessing - 005

Father in Heaven, the Light of Jesus has dispersed the darkness of hatred and sme to your Kingdom.Inflame my heart with your grace.  Keep me in the radiance of your truth. Fill my heart with your divine love.  And please help me in my
Accept this candle and let the light of your truth guide

 (Mention your petition)

Grant this through Christ our Lord and thru the intercession of Our Lady of Candelaria…. Amen.

 Our Father……………………………
 Hail Mary…………………………….
 Glory be to the Father………………..

 The Shrine of Our Lady of Candelaria, which will serve as a place for devotion,. is open to everyone and is easily accessible.

2016 OLC Shrine Blessing - 001



-Lilia Fernandez, Legion of Mary