The Presentation of the Child Jesus (PCJ) Parish has implemented a program that the parish calls Adopt34.  The program’s name comes from the pairing of 34 families from the developing communities (the “adopted” families) of the parish with 34 families (the “adopting” families) from the different enclaves of PCJ.  The parish has chosen to invite 34 families into the program because PCJ is celebrating its 34th year this 2016.  The chosen adopted families were those who are not yet active in the programs of the parish and the adopting families came from the parish servants.


The parish aims to make available to the 34 adopted families the programs of the parish and eventually integrate the families into the PCJ Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC) where they reside.   In the process, the program aims to develop the spirituality of the members of both the adopted and adopting families.


The program began with the orientation of both adopted and adopting families last January 17.  The families participated in a Fiesta Salu-salo last January 24, Sunday, where both sets of families got to know each other over a merienda and attendance in the first Novena Mass for the 2016 Parish Fiesta.


Bobbit Anonuevo