2016 Way of the Cross - 002

During this Lenten Season, PCJ Parish offered several opportunities for its parishioners to reflect on the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus through various liturgical services, one of which is the Way of the Cross.  The first Way of the Cross for this year was held on February 12, Friday after the 7:00 p.m. Mass  inside the church.  Representatives from the  different BEC clusters carried the cross within the church and led the prayers for each of the fourteen stations. The gospel readings for each station was made more meaningful through short video clips pertinent to the readings.   On the succeeding Fridays of Lent, the community Way of the Cross was held in the rear parking area after the 7:00 p.m. mass, led by members of the different parish commissions, ministries and organizations.

2016 Way of the Cross - 003At the enclave level, a daily Community Way of the Cross was held in the various BEC enclaves from February 22 to March 17, 2016, during weekdays (except Fridays, which were done in the church’s parking area). Homeowners of the respective enclaves assigned for the Way of the Cross readily agreed to host the various stations of the cross.  The host families led the prayers and carried the cross from one station to the next, which culminated with the celebration of the Holy Mass at the enclaves.  This year, one unique feature of the Way of the Cross at the enclave level was the offering of prayer petitions of the participating homeowners.  Before the start of the first station, pieces of paper with printed hearts were distributed.  The participants then wrote their family name and their petitions on the pieces of paper, which were dropped in the petition box on the fifth station.  The petitions were turned over to the Prayer Ministry, for their intercessory prayers.

The final  community way of the Cross was held in the early morning of Good Friday, at 5:00 a.m., along the streets of  BF Bayanihan.  The way of the cross was attended not only by the residents of BF Bayanihan, but also by the other parishioners

2016 Way of the Cross - 001

Through the  communal praying of the various stations of the cross in PCJ, both in the enclaves and in the church premises, the parishioners were given the opportunity to reflect together as a community on the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.   By participating in the Way of the Cross activities, the faithful of PCJ were made more aware of the great love and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ, who won redemption for the world at a great cost.


-Lorna Buenviaje