Sunday Mass is a family bonding tradition for most Filipinos. Parents are happy to bring along their children to hear Mass. Nonetheless, toddlers and preschool-age children are not yet able to comprehend the rituals of the Mass, moreover the Word of the Lord or gospel. Hence, the Sunday Class Educational Ministry was created as an opportunity for parents to bring their children to church and wherefore help the children understand the Word of God. The Sunday Class Education Ministry (SCEM) serves as another venue for our parishioners into the communion of communities.


SCEM caters to children ages 2 – 6 years old. One of its objectives is to guide our children to instill catholic values of sharing, patience, love, joy and prayerfulness.


Through songs, games and craft making, the children are encouraged to participate in celebrating the glory of God.

This class is offered as a learning venue for children to appreciate the essence of the Holy Mass and virtuously practice the tradition of a church-going family.


Currently, SCEM is conducted during the 10:30 AM Mass.


We welcome parishioners to volunteer to join our program and perhaps expand classes into other Sunday Mass schedule.