18 February 2017

It was quite a challenge waking up in the wee hours of the morning – being a Saturday – just to stop the clock’s alarm, wake up the household, hop on a bus and walk.

It was not an ordinary ‘walk’ – it was a walk for life – a plea to address the growing concern about issues on extrajudicial killings and death penalty. As expressed and emphasized by Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas, “This Walk for Life is not a protest but a commitment to the sacredness of life given by God.  This Walk for Life is a Walk for God.” He further stressed that “Walk for Life is not to defend the drug addicts or the killers. Criminals ought to be arrested, prosecuted, sentenced and jailed to correct the wrongdoings they committed.  They ought to be judged by the court of law and never by the (barrel of the gun) extrajudicial means.”

The Presentation of the Child Jesus Parish (PCJ) supported the Council of the Laity of the Philippines in this project. Armed with candles, sandwiches, bottled water, tarpaulins and even umbrellas, PCJ family trooped to Luneta Grandstand and witnessed how simple steps can lead and tighten one’s faith.

As PCJ’s youth and scholars listened intently to Archbishop Villegas’ talk, they embraced the real meaning of life. I am sure they have unending questions about death penalty and the extrajudicial killings in
the country but with God’s grace, they will understand and value life.

It will be a long day, unending discussion, several walks still – full of views on death penalty and the EJKs in the country, but I strongly keep my faith intact that God will never place His beloved – the Philippines, in the pit of doom. My family has this faith – I also had a glimpse of this faith on that Saturday morning.




– Minnie Ramas, Servant of the Lord