A wedding is always a great cause for joy as it is a celebration of love, a union of two hearts and two families and essentially a celebration of unity and love within a community. The Presentation of the Child Jesus Parish (PCJ) where love and unity abound, has administered a weddings galore for 6 couples last February 2017. The mass wedding was sponsored by PCJ’s invaluable partner, the Knights of Columbus Council 8565. The Knights of Columbus Council 8565 has always taken an active part in promoting and developing the ministry of the Catholic Church. In fact, this mass wedding sponsorship has been a regular activity of the Council ever since.

And so it was, a grand celebration on one sunny afternoon in February, for six (6) couples: Mr. & Mrs. Carlo Bobier; Mr. & Mrs. Edison Gagarin; Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Gutierrez;  Mr. & Mrs. Ramil Motol; Mr. & Mrs. Alben Rejas and Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Senar, to have received the Sacrament of Marriage.

The sponsorship of the Council did not only mean arranging the ceremonial schedule and the presiding celebrant who was Reverend Fr. Ernie Sican,  but it also included the wedding attire of the couples, wedding bands, candle, cords, veil, arrhae, as well as processing fees for baptismal and marriage licenses. The Council even arranged a Pre-Cana seminar for the couples to properly prepare them for the sacrament of marriage and to fully understand the spouses’ duties and responsibilities.

The PCJ in turn has accorded the couples with the church venue adorned with lovely flowers and the accompanying church services of a lector/commentator, the K of C choir and the event management by the members of the Ministry of Ushers, Greeters and Collectors (MUGCs). A bible was also given to each couple as a reminder that their marriage must be guided by the Word of God. To cap the wedding celebration was a sumptuous dinner which was also generously given by the Knights of Columbus Council 8565 at the PCJ’s Sacred Heart Hall plus a meaningful wedding gift for each couple.

Indeed the couples went home bringing with them the love, happiness, unity and the generosity of both the Presentation of the Child Jesus Parish and that of the Knights of Columbus Council 8565. Isn’t it a blessing to be part of the PCJ community!


Cathy Tillah