This year’s Presentation of the Child Jesus Ministry Recruitment Fair was a success!

Launched on April 22nd, ministries which needed new members and parishioners looking for opportunities to serve the Lord through the parish participated in the month long recruitment period.

Each Sunday during the recruitment period,  PCJ ministries set up booths as early as  6:30 am and kept them open until 9:00 pm. Ministries that did not have enough members to man their booths were assisted by members of the Commission on Youth (COY) whose presence was a big help. Interested parishioners approached the booths, asked questions about the ministries and filled out information sheets.  There were several  inquiries and applications.

Every ministry followed up on these applicants, set up schedules for interview and training. To date, the following ministries and organizations have started processing new memberships: Extraordinary Ministry of Holy Communion (EMHC), Mother Butler’s Guild (MBG), Ministry of Altar Servers (MAS), Ministry of Lectors, Commentators and Psalmists (MLCP), Music Ministry (MusicMin), Ministry of Ushers, Greeters and Collectors (MUGC), the Apostleship of Prayer (AP), and the Parish Information and Communication Commission  (PICC). Most, if not all,  have integrated the new recruits into their ministry. Unfortunately, many applicants were not able to join their ministry of choice because of conflict of schedules (personal schedules vis-a-vis preparatory/regular activities of the ministries such as formation and practice) and other personal concerns. Hopefully, these concerns will be resolved in next year’s ministry recruitment fair.

The success of this year’s PCJ Ministries Recruitment Fair is best seen by the number of new parish servants and better and more open communication lines among ministries. Equally important, it has planted in the consciousness of our parishioners, the seed of awareness for their closer involvement in church activities. It is necessary to nurture them to grow and bear fruit.

Surely, this annual event is something the PCJ ministries and parishioners look forward to — because, indeed, “there is need for workers in the field“. (Luke 10:2).