“Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You…”. The song is a two-way process – for someone to know more about his friend and neighbor and for the neighbor to know more about the speaker.

Last Saturday, 30 June 2018, the Presentation of the Child Jesus Parish launched its “Misa Tungo sa Kapihan with Father Willie”. The inaugural site of the get-together was the Devotional Chapel of the BF Northwest Enclave.

The Mass started at 6:00 pm with Father Willie Ramos officiating and Monsignor Felipe Ocol concelebrating. The Gospel was about the miracle wrought by faith. In his homily, Father Willie mentioned that before a miracle can happen, there needs to be love and faith. Sadly, some of us seem to have stopped loving God. He exhorted his parishioners to continue to love, to continue to hope.

Many parishioners came and celebrated Mass with our two parish priests. They came not only to hear mass but to meet with the PCJ priests  and get to know them better. The Mass was followed by a simple salo-salo at the Multi-purpose Hall of BF Northwest. There was karaoke singing led by Father Willie; games, wherein questions about the priests were asked (How well do you know your priests – ilang taon na na pari si Father Bon? Ano ang favorite dish ni Bishop?);  and camaraderie. Father Willie started the community singing by singing along with the karaoke lyrics. Then, the other parishioners took turns at the microphone.

Bishop Jessie Mercado and Fathers Ernie and Bon joined the get-together after they have fulfilled their spiritual obligations.  Bishop Mercado regaled the audience with his “corny” jokes – ano ang tawag sa tatay na mais?

Misa Tungo sa Kapihan is an initiative of Father Willie Ramos. Wanting to grow closer to parishioners and wanting to know more about them, our priests at PCJ are willing to bring the Church closer to the people. Kaakbay, Kalakbay, Kaagapay – the Diocesan theme for this year’s Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons, are also three words denoting our relationship with our priests, our pastors, our shepherds. The project aims to encourage more parishioners to get involved in church activities, to know more about parish projects, and hopefully, to draw them into a warmer relationship with the Church.

With the help of the Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs), the get-together was a success. Neighbors got together; homeowners and kasambahays joined the “party”; the food was more than sufficient and filling; the questions about our priests gave insight into food preferences of our priests, when were they ordained, was priesthood their first “job”, and other information about them.  Truly, it was a night of coming together, of making new friends, of learning more about our parish and about our parish church activities. An on-going project of the parish, it is hoped that the “Kapihan” will call together our  community into one heart, one mind, one spirit.