30 Couples Join Kasalan sa Parokya 2018

By April Dionela

There is so much love and joy during weddings. The love of God about to be received by the couple through the sacrament of matrimony, the love of the couple brought before God and love and joy of everyone witnessing the ceremony. So emotionally charged that people can’t help but be moved into tears as you see the groom and the bride walk down the aisle to be united before God and with God.

Last June 30, 2018, I was so blessed to be part of a wedding that is 30 times filled with love, 30 times filled with joy and 30 times emotionally charged, that I found myself in tears witnessing 30 couples walk down the aisle in the PCJ Kasalan sa Parokya 2018.


The biggest ever in the history of the Presentation of the Child Jesus Parish, the Kasalan sa Parokya 2018 was truly a great blessing from God. Thirty couples who have been living together with their children,  have finally realized and fulfilled their dreams to receive the Sacrament of Marriage with all the grand things that go with it – a beautiful choir, lovely flower decorations, classic red carpet, official photographers, bridal gowns, wedding rings and our loving priests to preside over the ceremony.

Fr. Willie Ramos, Fr. Ernie Sican, and Msgr. Felipe Ocol concelebrated the mass with Fr. Willie as the main celebrant. In his homily, Fr. Willie reminded the couples of how much they are truly loved by God and that the wedding is just the beginning of this beautiful and enduring relationship. Enduring, because this time they are journeying thru life with the Lord as the center of their lives.  Fr. Willie also asked the couples to invite at least one couple in the next Kasalan sa Parokya, as an expression of gratitude for the blessing they received.

There are 3 things that Fr. Willie has done differently in the PCJ Kasalan sa Parokya 2018  that makes it an effective and sustainable program: 1) Actively helping candidates with their marriage requirements as these requirements have been a major hurdle in previous years; 2) Requiring the candidates to go through a spiritual formation program by an established organization to sustain their spiritual nourishment after the wedding; and 3) Asking the candidates to Pay it Forward by inviting at least 1 couple for next Kasalan.

A catered wedding reception followed at the PCJ Sacred Heart Center. The 30 couples were joined by their principal sponsors, the officiating priests and parish servants who were part of the Kasalan sa Parokya. Even the reception had all the works – a ceremonial toast, cake cutting, video presentations and some fun games. True joy can be seen from the eyes of the 30 couples. A few of them gave a testimony of how blessed they are to be part of this journey. One groom even shared how the Kasalan has been instrumental in his spiritual conversion which had made him closer to God.

This memorable event was made possible with the overwhelming support of different parish organizations and contributions from generous parishioners. Special mention to the BEC Heads who encouraged their members to take part in the Kasalan. Also, to the Couples for Christ BF chapter who conducted a Christian Life Program for the candidates and continues to sustain their spiritual nourishment through regular household meetings. Lastly, to the core team who has been unrelenting in helping the candidates comply with their marriage requirements. The Kasalan was truly a manifestation of selfless parish-wide collaborative service for families in the developing communities through God’s loving grace.

When the wedding reception ended, and the couples were having their pictures taken, I can’t help but notice that their favorite spot to pose was under the statue of the Risen Christ at the Sacred Heart Center – a beautiful sign that these couples are now united and one with Christ.

PCJ Kasalan sa Parokya 2018 Video:

A New Math for 30 Newlywed Couples

by: Melot Moral – Social Media Ministry

“1 + 1 = 1”. Thus counseled Father Willie as 30 couples were joined as one  in Holy Matrimony  during the Kasalan sa Parokya  last Saturday, 09 June 2018.

From the Biblical reference of “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder”, Father Willie reminded the couples of the indissolubility of   marriage. He reminded the husband na “mahalin mo ang iyong asawa tulad ng pagmamahal mo sa sarili at ituring siya na katuwang at katulong sa paghuhubog ng  pamilya” at sa asawang babae, “igalang mo ang iyong asawa at magtulungan kayo sa pagbubuo ng pamilya ninyo”.

The brides were smiling and radiant, the grooms dashing and somber, the community cheered and prayed for the success of the union blessed by God.

In all instances as the couples faced each other, there was no happiness greater than what was on the faces of the newly married couples.

The rites and rituals moved the congregation; the exchange of consent where the partners mutually gave themselves to each other, bound the spouses to each other, found its fulfillment in the two “becoming one flesh” (CCC 1627).

Monsignor Ocol, Father Willie, and Father Ernie administered the marriage rites to the couples.

Special feature of the Kasalan: During the greetings of peace to all present and while everyone was expressing peace gestures towards all, Jeremy, a special child altar server demonstrated what “peace be with you” really means. He approached two boys in the front pew, shook hands with them and embraced them in the peace of the Lord – a true expression of the giving of peace from an innocent child to other children.

Truly it was a grace-filled event.