On August 4 (Saturday), Feast Day of St. John Marie Vianney, Patron Saint of Priests, the Presentation of the Child Jesus community gathered at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Center in an Appreciation Dinner to honor and give thanks to their priests who guide them daily in their spiritual life


It was a night when priests, led by Bishop Jesse Mercado, Monsignor Felipe Ocol, Father Willie Ramos, Father Ernie Sican, Father Joel Ador, Father Bon Navarro, and the PCJ community got together for camaraderie and fellowship. It became a sad-sweet affair, as it also served as a farewell dinner for Father Ernie who was given a new assignment as parish priest of “Mary, Cause of Our Joy” Parish in Muntinlupa, and a welcome fete for Father Angel Sanchez, as the new Parochial Vicar.


It was a fun-filled evening, an evening of songs and dance, of easy companionship and mutual love and care. Songs were rendered by Alex Arroyo of Happibilities and by Pau Pesa, our Girl Friday in the PCJ Office; dances were vigorously performed by members of the Commission on Youth, of the MUGC and the BEC. Thru the audio video presentation prepared by our PCJ Youth, the parishioners got to know the vocation story of and other details in the lives of our clergy. Details of their vocation/life story had to be drawn out in a question and answer fun game entitled “Guilty or Not Guilty” where our priests were put on the “hot seat” and were asked questions answerable by “Guilty” or “Not Guilty”. One question which titillated the audience was “left behind a grieving girlfriend when I entered the seminary”. Everyone waited with bated breath for the answer as our priests delayed answering the question. Father Willie answered “Guilty” to that question. But not so with Father Angel, who willingly shared his vocation story.


The finale for the evening’s celebration was the “Joke Time with Bishop Jesse”, who, to the delight of the audience, delivered a series of funny jokes and anecdotes which left everyone in fits of laughter.


Before the end of the evening’s celebration, each clergy was presented with a token to show the parishioners’ love and gratitude for their clergy.


Truly, PCJ Parish Community is very grateful for God’s gift of HIS clergy. The Appreciation Night is the community’s public way of showing this gratitude, as we continue to pray for them privately.


We pray that our clergy continue to be our Kalakbay, Kaakbay and Kaagapay in our journey towards God’s kingdom.


The hosts for the evening were Bro. Chock Camacho and Sis Krit.