“Seniors are wisdom sharers” – this is what Father Laureano Faraon told his audience of Senior citizens and about-to-be Senior Citizens during his talk on “Rekindling the Life of Seniors” last 05 August 2018 at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Center.

His talk touched on the many ways Seniors can contribute to the evangelization and apostolic work of the Church and assured them that the Church needs its Senior Citizens to assist in the continual deepening of its parishioners in their our knowledge about our faith.

Father Faraon counseled Senior Citizens  not to take offense when they are called “Matanda” since it is an acknowledgment of their wisdom. In the Bible, he explained, “Tanda” refers to signs which are synonymous with miracles. So, to be a Senior and addressed as “Matanda” connotes that God has worked many miracles in your life and you have been the recipient of  miracles and lessons which were learned with wisdom gained through the years.  He advised Seniors who feel “left out in the cold” to change the word “cold” to Christ and the Church that calls them “out of the cold”.

Father Faraon’s talk touched upon the many ways seniors can contribute to the many works of the Church. Seniors are the guardians of traditions and possess a vast wealth of memories.

Studies show that 63% of daily church goers and members of ministries are Seniors. Intercessory ministry is one church ministry where Seniors are well-suited and useful,  for, after all, prayer is not an empty activitiy. An example is his Mother who at 90 years of age, makes herself useful by praying the rosary every time he has a talk scheduled.

Seniority brings with it many challenges including: health, family situations, retirement, attitude (feeling useless,  no longer relevant, empty and afraid). But Spirituality can counter these challenges and help promote wellness of body, mind and spirit as well as open the door to joyful fellowship in community and charity. He advised Seniors who feel  “left out in the cold” to change  the word cold to Christ and the Church that calls them “out of the cold”.

If asked,  “Are you ready?”  he says that our response should convey readiness in faith.  Though no one can go back to make a brand new start,  every one can make a brand new ending. It only takes spiritual time management to be emboldened and renewed!

As parting advice, Father Faraon told his audience to “ Remember that one will never feel empty in one’s spirituality and communion with Jesus Christ our Lord”.


About Father Faraon : Thirty years in the Dominican order and 24 years in the priesthood,     he was a Radio Veritas commentator and manager for 23 years.  He is the familiar voice praying the 3:00 o’clock  Divine Mercy prayer, heard over the radio and television.  Through his “Sounds of the Soul” radio program, at 105.1FM heard ats an opener at 5:45am,  he gives inspirational homily on the Gospel for the day. He is a prolific author of several books, the latest of which is entitled Healing.