The Presentation of the Child Jesus Parish mission – to be relevant and responsive to the needs of its’ community – was again manifested last Saturday, 22 September when children from one of the Parish’s adopted communities were given haircuts so they can comply with a school regulation.

Dubbed The Gupit Bulilit Initiative, the hair raisingactivity gave complimentary haircuts to more than 50 children and some members of the PCJ Maintenance and Security people. Venue of the activity was the St. Jose Maria Escriva Room in the PCJ.

The Gupit Bulilit Initiatve was born when a child approached a SundaySchool Teacher, begging for coins for a haircut because his school required him to get a haircut. Seizing the opportunity to help the children comply with a school requirement, The Commission on Catechetical and Religious Education (COMCARE) embarked on : Project GUPITBULILIT.

With the approval and wholehearted support of owners Dennis and Jaz Lopez, who closed their shops for the day, Pipol’s Barbershop and Kids’ Salon in Better Living, Paranaque sent barbers Nolan Medrano and Elmer Porto on the happy mission of giving the children (and some adults) new looks and dashing haircuts which elicited smiles and whoops of approval from the recipients.

Truly, love and care are abundant in the Presentation of the Child Jesus and its church volunteers.