Apostolic Nuncio Caccia’s message during the Feast of our Lady of Candelaria

Magandang gabi sa inyong lahat. My presence means the presence of Pope Francis. I bring the greetings of Pope Francis touched with affection – greetings, gratitude and blessings.

Today is the 4th day of prayer for the consecrated life, the offering of our life. [I bring] a small image of Pope Francis and a prayer.

In support of his ministry, Pope Francis will go to Abu Dhabi. We pray for those who live in far lands and for all present in this evening’s mass.

In the gospel of St. Luke, Simon recognized the Child presented as the light of the world as he held the Child in his arms.

We do not have in our arms, the Child Jesus but we have candles.

Each one should be a candle in your house, in your office, wherever you are. It makes a big difference.

How can we be a candle? Three things :

1.       Know Jesus – do we know Jesus? Do we read the gospel? Do you remember what we hear on Sundays?  It is important to know Jesus, how he reacts….

To celebrate Jesus is giving more time in reading the gospels.

2.       Pray – Prayer is to stay with Jesus, to talk with Him, to express our joy and our life!  Talk with Jesus with confidence –  enjoy to  be in the presence of the Lord.  Tell Him what is in your heart; listen to what He suggests to you.

3.       Do the will of God – do we act like Jesus? We cannot be a candle, a light, if we do not act like Jesus. Do we follow what Jesus did? How do we treat people with difficulty, people who need us?  Jesus was very patient with His disciples – do we think, do or act like Jesus?

You have a mission; you are the mission!  Be a candle in your life, a candle because you are thinking like Jesus; you are acting like Jesus; a disciple.

All of us are called to be candles to the world; we are all called to be holy by living our life as :

1.       Consecrated life – by following Jesus;

2.       Married person – be loving and caring of our family;

3.       Worker/employee – by working with integrity;

4.       Teacher – by patiently teaching the little ones;

5.       Government official – by renouncing personal gain.

Let us celebrate this fiesta [by] asking Mary and all the saints to help us become living candles to make  this place a better place for all our brothers and sisters.