No better way there is of meditating Christ’s footprints until His death on the Cross and His joyous resurrection than by accompanying Him through the Stations of the Cross.

On Friday after Ash Wednesday opened the Lenten Season on March 6, the PCJ community experienced a meditation of Christ’s passion and death inside its church by praying through each of the fourteen Stations of the Cross, which represent the significant scenarios of the paschal mystery of Jesus, Our Lord.  Thenceforth, the Via Crucis or way of the Cross at the enclaves was held every Tuesday and Thursday of the week until April 11.

Selected families were hosting each station, and the activity was being culminated through the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. The use of creative liturgies accompanied the parishioners’ praying in order to deepen their experience of the devotion. Using the Scripture reading for the day, the participants were being led to contemplate the meaning of the sacred passage in their lives, and how it could have affected them, their families, friends and neighbors.

The highlight of the Via Crucis experience in the enclaves was on Good Friday, April 19. The solemn activity started at 5:00 am. Different families and some business establishments hosted the the fourteen stations placed in the streets around the Presentation of the Child Jesus Parish, like in Kyoto and Karachi, Aguirre Avenue, Geneva Street, and F. Cruz Street.

After the 13th Station, the participants were led inside the parish church where a paraliturgy was held. The creatively prepared liturgy led all those present to reflect on the passion of Christ, particularly the crowning of thorns wherein everyone performed the removal of thorns from the crown placed on Christ’s head as an act of contrition and sorrow for one’s sins and an expression of love to Him who loved us first.

The joy of Christ’s resurrection was thankfully expressed after the 14th station through a closing prayer led by the Lead Coordinator of the Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion, Mr. Edwin Ocampo. The parish priest, Fr. William Ramos, gave the final blessing and acknowledged after the families and business establishments which participated in this Way of the Cross.

For most parishioners and parish servants who joined in this year’s Way of the Cross, the touching experience served as a fitting preparation for Easter where a new life in the Holy Spirit awaits them.