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Laying of the Church Cornerstone led by the late Cardinal Sin

In the late 1970s, the responsibility of addressing the spiritual needs of the faithful inside BF Homes Parañaque was administered solely by the Parish of the Resurrection of Our Lord, under Msgr. Ceferino Sanchez.

Since Phase III and IV were about 3-4 kms. away from the church in Phase I, Sunday masses in said areas were held in Phase III, usually at the lobby of either the El Grande or Tropical Palace Hotel or at any available unoccupied building.

In 1982, Msgr. Sanchez announced that Phases III and IV were designated initially as a quasi-parish and later on as a separate parish.

The decree creating the new parish was issued by His Eminence Jaime Cardinal Sin on March 27, 1982, with territorial boundaries north of De La Rama and Henares Sts., parts of Phase II and Phases III and IV of BF Homes Paranaque. The new parish was named the Presentation of the Child Jesus Parish.

The late Don Tomas Aguirre, provided the site of the church for the new parish – a 4,000 sq.m. open space located along F. Cruz St. and Aguirre Avenue.

The first mass on the site was held on Sept. 12, 1982, officiated by Rev. Fr. Jose Cadusale, PCJ’s first parish priest, in a makeshift structure of used GI sheets and donated lumber.

In 1983, construction of the new church began. His eminence, the late Jaime Cardinal Sin laid the cornerstone of the church on Feb. 5, 1983.

PCJ In 1982

The temporary makeshift church consisted of used GI sheets and donated lumber.